Live Dealer

The GrandPoker casino site is a community that offers not just casinos but also live sports betting and lottery-style games. The live dealer casino option is one of the seven casino options that offer players instant access online and any mobile device to live casino games. The live casino games are regular casino games played in a live setting and allow the dealer to run the game and chat and instruct the player while also handling the game. Since many players cannot get to real land-based casinos, currently, the live dealer casino offers a perfect alternative. Games, including baccarat, roulette, and blackjack, are played in real-time and with real money. The player places bets through the main online casino, and the dealer collates the bets and runs the game. Through chat rooms, the player can chat not only with the dealer in real-time but also with any other players involved in the game. GrandPoker offers a detailed schedule of the live dealer casino games, and also, the player can register in advance for a game, receive a notification when it is about to start, and then be ready for the game as it starts. The live dealer casino games are not in place of other casino games. They offer an additional option for all players and give the player a true feeling of belonging with more attention and the game's social aspect.